Doors & walls; a union of dead ends

The trick is to dangle hope in front of the hopeless

Just the temptation of the greater, maybe better

Has the resolute and spirited bait feeble possibilities


Defiant as I am to accede to any change

Weak as I be to mask a brave face

Fierce I can be to scratch at these walls

Demand the door to lead me to more


For a door that leads to hundred others

is by default, an enemy to my enemy, my friend

I would rather be lost in a rat race maze

than have myself pleading to the stance of a wall


The wall stands listless despite my loud attempts

to break it to a crumble of gravel and defeat

and the obedient door insulates all my rage

as I pound my fists to yield nothing but self pity


I fear this union births only dead ends

Above all is greater the fear that I am one

Wise is the wall to confine my expectations

and merciful the door to encourage hope





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