Too Soon Too Close

Do I have to say

Will you hear me out?

We have all the time , honestly

Can you quit keeping count


Let me think clear

Or just let me think

Why do you draw it near

And tip toe on the brink


I am rain

Don’t tell me to weather it out

I will fall hard and plain

tell you what brings change about


It’s when we gravitate

to our sides of right

A solution too soon too late

And heads too proud to fight

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Shutting out the world

It’s hard enough to weather out storms alone

To find haven in solitude is the kind of courage we fear

And so, I held on to my ghosts like an anchor

but they fade away, receding in to the grays of present


Here I am, a mere whisper in the howl of a storm


No one is, no one is ever here, not when you need them

These ghosts have an affliction to disappear

They’re silver dust glittering as they pass

A slight trick of light till the darkness reappears


Here I am, a reflection of substance and form


Breathe; draw in the reality that surrounds you

You’re frozen in and there is no one who wants to

thaw the fears so you are free of this cold

Time has come again to shut out the world


Here I am, alone in my reform.



Doors, Walls & Dead Ends

Doors & walls; a union of dead ends

The trick is to dangle hope in front of the hopeless

Just the temptation of the greater, maybe better

Has the resolute and spirited bait feeble possibilities


Defiant as I am to accede to any change

Weak as I be to mask a brave face

Fierce I can be to scratch at these walls

Demand the door to lead me to more


For a door that leads to hundred others

is by default, an enemy to my enemy, my friend

I would rather be lost in a rat race maze

than have myself pleading to the stance of a wall


The wall stands listless despite my loud attempts

to break it to a crumble of gravel and defeat

and the obedient door insulates all my rage

as I pound my fists to yield nothing but self pity


I fear this union births only dead ends

Above all is greater the fear that I am one

Wise is the wall to confine my expectations

and merciful the door to encourage hope




Comma bout /

Between the lines thoughts were felt,

in a way words could never read

and emotions did not feel the need to punctuate,

love or pain, or sentiments with no exclaim.


I could tell you I have penned all grief,

all regret, all my minutes in a timeless volume.

The hurt caused upon me;

the hurt I released in to this world,

the hurt that will remain beyond my years,

the hurt of an infinite met by a stop.

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Her name is Beauty.

“I was told you were beautiful!” He screamed in my face, yanking the dupatta off my head.

It was my -our- wedding night. The red sea of cloth alive with glimmering stones and sequins lay disheveled at the foot of the bed. He was furious, politely put. Our marriage was arranged a year from that night. My sister had informed me over the phone about the agreement my parents made with his family. I was past my prime according to the customary standards, and my parents found the match fitting as well as a blessing. I too found it immensely exciting. The thought of finally being free from the burden of earning to run a household had me sold. I had been working from salon to salon since the tender age of seventeen, climbing ranks ever so gradually. After working in Karachi for what seemed like a lifetime, a friend proposed to join her at a salon based in Dubai. Again, I was overwhelmed and besides myself. Never had I stepped out of this city, let alone country.

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Equal rights, equal plights.

Ah! The topic which can bring countries to war. The words ‘feminism’, ‘misogyny’ ,and ‘misandry’ are thrown around like jargon these days. Forget to hold the door for a lady? – misogynist, pay your share of the bill? – feminist, have a girls night out?- misandrist. We have a label for just about every action and opinion, which has now negated the very definition of the words. Labels; It’s trending hot . Why do we feel the need to belong to one? A person is not simply a person anymore. You are either a Muslim or a bigot, a homosexual or extremist, black or white. But then again, those are discussions to be had another day. For now, I raise my brow to those women who abuse feminism as an excuse instead a right, and men who have invented a counter term (although used as satire mostly) such as ‘Meninism’ (even my thesaurus fails to recognize the word. Suggested word: meningitis.)

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